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PLUM, Prunus domestica
$38.00 each

Limited availability!!

ROOTSTOCK: All grafted onto Marianna 2426. Widely adapted, good resistance to root rot and nematodes. Makes a large semi-dwarf tree.

POLLINATION: All the listed plum varieties will cross-pollinate each other or are self-fruitful if noted.

Green Gage:  A very popular old fashioned European plum that grows well over a wide range of climates. It is a greenish-yellow, very sweet and juicy plum with meaty candy like flesh. Self-fruitful.


Harris: A prolific, reliable Italian prune plum discovered in Jefferson County. Dark purple skin, very sweet flesh. 

Wildlife Hedge Plum: Seedling plums, with bushy growth habit, perfect for wildlife plantings, hedgerows, and windbreaks. $10.00 each




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