Prunus domestica

$30.00 each

ROOTSTOCK: All grafted onto Myrobalan. Widely adapted, good resistance to root rot and nematodes. Makes a large semi-dwarf tree if unpruned but can be maintained at any height with summer pruning.

POLLINATION: All the listed plum varieties will cross-pollinate each other or self-fruitful if noted.


Beauty: The “richest flavored Japanese plum”. Very sweet and widely adapted. Red over yellow skin with amber and red streaked flesh. Self-fruitful.


Shiro: A prolific, reliable early ripening plum. Large bright yellow and incredibly juicy fruit with a tart skin and very sweet flesh. 


Sprite: Japanese plum x cherry-plum that produces medium-sized round freestone fruit. These plums have a beautiful purple black skin and yellow flesh. Very sweet flavor with no tartness! Ripe fruit holds on tree 3-4 weeks. 

Sunshine Daydream: Discovered by Dr. Alan Kapuler of Peace Seeds in the Willamette Valley, this Japanese American plum makes for beautiful tree with red-bronze foliage and deep red fruit, inside and out. Thought to be a cross between a local wild plum and a Santa Rosa plum.