Plants will be ready STARTING December 2019

Current inventory 

Upcoming 2019-2020 season offerings include:

 Fruiting shrubs

  • aronia berry

  • blue elderberry, black elderbery

  • red currant, white currant

  • josta berry

  • Pacific crab apple 

  • hardy kiwi

 Fruit trees

  • heirloom and cider apple varieties

  • European and Asian pears

  • figs

Nut trees

  • chestnut

  • heartnut

  • hazelnut

  • California bay

  • Garry oak

  • tan oak

  • black walnut

  • English walnut

2018-2019 offerings


Corylus avellana

Can be grown as a shrub or tree!

Plant at least 2 for cross-pollination.

Available varieties:

  • Jefferson

  • McDonald

  • Tonda di Giffoni

  • Yamhill

$25.00 each

Juglans ailantifolia

A beautiful hardy Japanese walnut with adorable and delicious heart- shaped nuts. Tastes similar to English walnut, but higher fat and richer flavor. Open spreading habit, fast growing, with huge compound leaves.

Self-fertile. Easy to grow.

$20.00 each

Castanea crenata x sativa

Seedlings of Bouche de Betizac and Precoce Migoule chestnuts, European varieties known for their reliable crops of very large, easy to peel nuts. Ripens late, yet able to ripen in cooler climates like ours. Plant at least 2-3 trees to ensure adequate pollination.


$16.00 each


Aronia melanocarpa

Resilient small to large shrub with dark blue-black clusters of blueberry-sized fruits. Incredibly nutrient dense, with high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C. Makes delicious juice, syrup, and jam. Very easy to grow, can thrive with minimal care in a wide range of soils. Beautiful white flowers in spring with showy orange/red leaves in fall.

$10.00 each

Sambucus nigra

Easy to grow, great multipurpose plants for hedgerows, wildlife plantings, and gardens. Fragrant flowers can be made into tea or fried and eaten as fritters.  Dark purple/black clusters of berries are antiviral and can be eaten fresh or made into juice, wine, and other preserves.

$15.00 each