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 Prunus avium

  • large $34.00

  • small $28.00

ROOTSTOCK: All grafted onto Mazzard rootstock.  Makes a large semi-dwarf tree if unpruned but can be maintained at any height with summer pruning.

POLLINATION: All the listed cherry varieties will cross-pollinate each other or self-fruitful if noted.

Early Burlat:  Brought to the US from Morocco in 1936, A reliable producer of large, dark red, very sweet fruit that ripens earlier than most other cherries! Self-fruitful. Small size available.

Lapins:  Bing-like large black fruit of excellent flavor. A consistently heavy baring variety. Crack resistant. bacterial canker resistant. Self-fruitful.

Small size available.

Montmorency:  One of the most popular pie cherries! The Originated in Montmorency, France about 400 years ago. A beautiful upright tree with bright red fruit that thrives in the Pacific Northwest. Self-fertile.

Large size available.

Vandalay: A new Canadian variety with large, firm, dark reddish-black fruit. Excellent flavor. Crack resistant. Bacterial canker resistant. Self-fruitful.

Small size available.

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