Nut Trees


Castanea sativa x crenata          


Seedlings of Bouche de Betizac chestnuts, an Italian variety known for reliable crops of very large, easy to peel nuts. Ripens late, yet able to ripen in cooler climates like ours. Plant 2-3 trees to ensure pollination.  Can grow 25-35’+ tall.



Umbellularia californica                        


A fragrant broad leafed evergreen tree with edible nuts. Bay nuts have a dark roasted coffee/cocoa flavor (you must roast them before eating!).  Native to CA and OR, but does well on the Olympic Peninsula.  Tough and drought tolerant.



Juglans ailantifolia              

$20.00 small

A beautiful hardy Japanese walnut with adorable and delicious heart-shaped nuts. Open spreading habit, fast growing, with huge compound leaves. Self-fertile but sets heavier crop with 2+ trees. Can grow 25-35’ tall.



Corylus avellana                             


Jefferson Seedlings - Cloned Jefferson Hazelnuts are a proven heavy yielding, EFB resistant variety from OSU.  As seedlings, Jefferson Hazelnut will be slower to come into bearing than cloned varieties and will have variable nut size, and yield, but due to their superior genetics, they tend to be vastly superior to average seedling hazelnuts. Great for hedgerows, wildlife plantings or for backyard orchardists wanting economical trees.

Can be grown as a shrub or tree! Order at least 2-3 for cross-pollination.

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