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ASIAN PEAR, Pyrus pyrifolia  


ROOTSTOCK: All grafted onto semi-dwarf rootstock, OHx97

POLLINATION: All the listed Asian Pear varieties will cross-pollinate each other, or are self-fruitful if noted.

Don Bae: Also known as “Olympic”. Produces very large grapefruit sized pears. Abundant crops of fruit with light brown skin and white flesh. Late ripening. An excellent storage pear.


Nijisseiki: Also known as “20th Century”. An easy to grow tree with reliable, abundant crops of sweet juicy fruit.  Golden yellow skin with a very crisp sweet mild flavor. A very popular pear in Japan in the 20th century. Self-fruitful.


Shinseiki: A very reliable and attractive golden yellow skinned pear that’s highly sweet and incredibly juicy.  Ripens in late August. Like taking a bite out of a juice box! Self-fruitful.

Shinko: Winner of  a “Sunset Taste Award”. Very delicious sweet brown skinned fruit. Ripens late September. A good keeper.


EUROPEAN PEAR, Pyrus communis


ROOTSTOCK: All grafted onto semi-dwarf rootstock, OHx333 

POLLINATION: See below recommendations.


Bartlett: A classic summer pear. Great for eating and canning, but gone a few weeks after harvest. Partially self-fruitful, but will produce more fruit planted with any other variety listed but Seckel.


Bosc: Beautiful russet brown winter pear. Unique spicy flavor, best when ripened in storage. Plant with Moonglow, Orcas, Comice or Shipova for cross-pollination. 


Comice: Cherished for its rich flavor. Juicy, firm, and sweet. Best when picked in late fall and stored for a month or more. Plant with Bosc, Moonglow, Orcas, or Shipova for cross-pollination.

D'anjou: A great winter keeper with a very Bartlett-like flavor and appearance. A vigorous fall ripening tree. Plant with any of the other listed varieties for cross-pollination. 


Moonglow: Beautiful large blushed Bartlett-like fruit with low acidity. Disease resistant and vigorous. A good keeper. Plant with any of the other listed varieties for cross-pollination. 


Orcas: Discovered on Orcas Island, WA! A fabulously disease resistant and reliable producer of large, attractive, red blushed fruit. Smooth, buttery flesh. Mid-September ripening. Plant with any of the other listed varieties for cross-pollination. 


Seckel: Commonly known as “sugar pear” for its buttery smooth rich sweet flavor. Fruits are small and prized as sugary snacks or amazing in baked dishes. Delicious and productive. Plant with Ubileen, Moonglow, or Orcas for cross-pollination.


Summer Blood Birne: Super unique smaller fruit with a yellow skin and pink flesh! A great early ripening pear for fresh eating and drying. Very attractive. Plant with any of the other listed varieties for cross-pollination.